Newbie and servo I.D

Richard GarneauRichard Garneau Club Members Posts: 6

First post, new to the RC plane hobby, I bought an Eflite apprentice s15e. One servo is dead already, actually DOA . Ill get it replaced under warranty however I wont buy any more servo from Eflite since they are junk for what I've read on the internet. The servo I am looking to replace is a EFLR7155 from Eflite 13G I think they call it Micro ( remember Im new :-) now what can replace this servo and how Ill be able in the future to identify a servo replacement . Are Micro servo all the same size ? If I select 13g micro servo are they going to be all similar in dimension shape etc etc , thanks for your help guys !!


  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @Richard Garneau. No not al servos are the same size. If you goto the HobbyKing servos section you will notice some diagrams on the left-hand side of the page. Measure your servo up the same way and input the data to see if there is a servo the same. The 13g indicates the servo weight.

  • Richard GarneauRichard Garneau Club Members Posts: 6

    ahhh ok great thanks !!

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