Orange Tx6i won’t bind with Orange R1220XLR.

SpitefuSpitefu Club Members Posts: 4

Gary, I don’t seem to be getting much response, can you help me please. The Tx6i binds normally with my other receivers but cannot bind to the so far unused R1220 XLR. The bind process starts normally, the orange rx light flashes slowly, then at the point where you normally expect to bind, there is a brief message on the tx screen “operating mode is DSMX”, which both tx and tx are anyway, then the light stops flashing and goes out, the rx is dead. I have repeated the exercise time after time with telemetry connection in and out, with or without servos connected. The rx is starting to look like a waste of money but before I return it for a refund, can you help me please? I really want to use it.
Colin Leighfield.



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