Grand Tundra missing parts new HK custome

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I have been flying fixed wing and RC helicopter since 1997 .. I have never purchased from HK before as I always thought it was a HongKong based warehouse which could give problems in ordering or delivering products...However I bought a Grand Tundra aircraft from the UK store.. Its a lovely kit, but had tail wheel springs and some hardware missing from kit - which was Avios fault not Hobby King.
All I wanted was the springs. I could replace other bits from my stock of bolts screws etc.

Toby, try as I might, to simply get HK to send me the springs (which was part of the kit ) was almost making me never ever buy from HK again..
YOU TRY IT! Phoning Customer services, - and asking for a contact to email from Avios or HK UK -to get two springs sent to you to complete the kit..

Several Customer Service people did not want to know asked me to send the 99% completed kit back...(No manual or parts list so was not aware bits were missing)

To cut long story short I had purchased the kit after seeing a great review from Robert Petrincic on You Tube so in desperation I wrote to him to see if he knew where I could buy springs...he wrote back telling me in HK USA you can buy the hardware pack...Unfortunately customs duty from USA to UK and postage is unreasonable... But why did HK services not inform me of this and also cut me off -when none of this was my or HK fault..

I got on to HK CS USA and a guy called Rich b said he would try to get Hong Kong to send me the springs Thank you Rich..So I put another order in for batteries from HK thanks to him..

Toby ......I am a new customer and I realise you are a warehouse not a Hobby store like Galaxy Models but Customer Services eventual solution for MY problem was to take a built plane apart and send it back to HK UK totally impractical for two springs...

You have to get local country advisors at the warehouse to email contact or phone no, to make HK better and closer to all those wonderful Hobby shops we lost
Alistair Watt
Still waiting for springs.


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    Never going to happen. Hobbyking is a VERY slow moving beastie and warranty resolutions for issues with aircraft models is generally as you experienced. Send the whole thing back for what amounts to a couple quid remedy.

    Also Avios = a HobbyKing brand. So is Durafly.

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    @Alistair Watt said:
    You have to get local country advisors at the warehouse to email contact or phone no, to make HK better

    Hi Alistair, Thanks for buying the kit from us :) I'm really disappointing to hear that it arrived without springs. You'll be receiving a phone call today from a customer service rep based in Ipswitch. They'll arrange for a set of springs to be dispatched.

    As an aside, this is an area that we're currently working on improving. I've already hinted above at the changes in the pipeline ;)

    Happy flying!

  • Alistair WattAlistair Watt Club Members Posts: 2

    Most impressed with you arranging for those missing springs to be in the post. Delighted with this very personal customer service. Not every day a CEO "actions" something as small as this from a massive organisation.
    All I can say is thank you to you and Kayla from UK for sorting my kit problem out..Will also post on my club site a thank you. Have a look at Roberts You Tube site he deserves a thank you for doing a great You Tube video promoting the Grand Tundra, which led me to Hobby King.
    Sincerely thank you
    al watt

  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    @Alistair Watt said:
    Sincerely thank you


    Happy to help.

    Yes, Rob is a total hoot! I enjoy his vids very much.

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