Broken prop mount adapter for the Bushmule, request made in May but still nothing happening

Riva8406Riva8406 Club Members Posts: 14


I have my Avios Bushmule (new version) which is stuck on the ground for almost a year now.
I broke one of the prop adapter which is in fact the shaft of the motor contrary to what I thougt originally.
Unfortunately, there is no spare shaft available as a spare part on the website and if I want to repair my bushmule, I have to buy a new motor which is ridiculous.
I contacted Hobbyking about this issue 6 months ago and they promised to list on the spare parts category or the motor shaft or a prop adapter similar to what you find on other Avios or Duraly models (like the Grand Tundra for example), but since this time nothing happened.

So my question is : are you going to finally propose a viable solution to be able to repair a broken prop mount for the Avios Bushmule ?
At this moment, there is no solution except to buy a new motor which is not a solution for me.



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