Bixler 1.1 glue recommendation

DJFlyteDJFlyte Club Members Posts: 6

Hi All,

I just purchased the Bixler 1.1 ARF (ARF lol) and I'm looking for recommendations on what glue to use on the fuselage. If I need to do any repairs or upgrades, I don't want to be sat for hours trying to slice it back open with a blade (not a great combo for me).

My options I have considered are, PVA glue, CA, hot glue, and the less popular choice; epoxy. Is there something I haven't considered or an option you would suggest?




  • Gary49Gary49 Club Members Posts: 46 mod

    The Bixler is made of EPO so the best glue is CA, usually a medium viscosity is best and you can also use an accelerator spray to speed things up. Epoxy is not recommended for EPO, have not tried white glue or hot glues.

  • Warren ELLIOTTWarren ELLIOTT Club Members Posts: 14

    Epoxy should be ok. Definitely not polyester resins because the solvents eat the styrene away like it's their favourite breakfast food!! PVA should be ok too. Try a little whatever you have inside the body where it can't be seen or create a problem.

  • DJFlyteDJFlyte Club Members Posts: 6

    Thanks guys. Seems like there's no hard and fast rule on what to use on EPO and mostly comes down to personal preference. I might give the CA a go and hot glue to parts inside.

    I appreciate your input :smile:

  • MACCAMACCA Club Members Posts: 2

    Hi, I used UHU Expanded Polystrene glue to assemble my Bixler v1.1
    It really worked well. Be sure parts are lined up when gluing as you only get one shot at it.
    I obtained mine from Spotlight.

  • Mr.NiceMr.Nice Club Members Posts: 30

    They say UHU Por is the best glue for foamies. The China special bluish foam glue, sold by Hobby King also works good for Bixler's. It should be the same glue that comes with the kits. It's cheap and works well. Only downside to it is that it won't last long in storage. It dries up in the plastic tube EVEN IF IT IS NOT YET OPENED!! So be aware!

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,618 ✭✭✭
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    UHU POR is the go to. Gorilla glue (sparingly) , hot glue (carefully in beads) and epoxy are the next best bets. CA, unless you use a slow set one gives little chance of manoeuvre when joining and is not flexible and can cause tears at joints when crashing. Glues with a bit of flexibility that can 'move' with the EPO as it flexes are the best.

    Incidentally, cellulose and polyester resins and paints etc. do bugger all damage to anything made of EPO... EPO is not polystyrene. It is Polyolefin - in essence a polythene and as such contains no styrene whatsoever (crocs shoes and heatshrink tubing are made from the stuff) and is impervious to pretty much all common solvents. You could leave a bit of EPO in polyester resin or a bucket of cellulose thinners for years and it would be fine.

  • Hobbyking_IanHobbyking_Ian Club Members, Unconfirmed Posts: 160 ✭✭

    CA is fine. Epoxy is a poor choice on EPO foam.

    If you use it very sparingly polyurethane is the best.

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