Fast changing of prices

f.tielmanf.tielman Club Members Posts: 9 ✭✭

Howcome that, everytime I bought something, the next day, after the order the prices have dropped?
Does enyone recognize this?


  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭

    Something to do with an Irishman named Murphy. Happens to me all the time. I sometimes think that my purchasing patterns provide the inspiration for the selection of the next batch of "Sale Items - heavily discounted". :p

  • KaosKaneKaosKane Club Members Posts: 1,852 ✭✭✭

    Old H.K. would refund the difference between your price and lower price, if the price dropped less than 30 days after your purchase

  • AbranAbran Club Members Posts: 52

    Haha yup, Mr Murphy is definitely to blame. Happens to he all the time!

  • Hobbyking_IanHobbyking_Ian Club Members, Unconfirmed Posts: 160 ✭✭

    Yep. 7 day guarantee. Just let CS know and they will fix you up.

  • nyuk61nyuk61 Club Members Posts: 7

    This is what i have noticed over the last several years, price's have increased dramaticaly.

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