How do I find the “charge rate” for my battery?

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How do I find the “charge rate” in amps for my Turnigy 2200 mAh LIPO battery? The new charger is asking but that Info is not on the battery nor is it in the battery paperwork. This is obviously my first time charging a battery for an RC so any pointers would be welcome.

Here is the charger pic if it’s helpful:


  • tagora 35tagora 35 france dept 35Club Members Posts: 118 ✭✭

    2200mah a 2,2 A , 3000 a 3A , 2700 a 2,7A ... c'est ce qu'il y a de mieux

  • kevin.meyer1972kevin.meyer1972 Club Members Posts: 24

    Best to use Balance charge, press enter set current to 2.2A press enter choose 3S 11.2v, them hold down enter, then press enter to start charging.

    Charge batteries at 1c that is - " battery mAh / 1000 "

  • Henrik FrischeHenrik Frische Club Members Posts: 2

    i always charge my batteries with 1C.

    Then you look how much mAh the Battery has. In your case its an 2200 mAh then you take /1000 its 2.2A for charging. :D

    If you have an 5000+ you charge with 5.0A.

    You can also charge with lower Ampere, but its not good to charge the battery with higher amps that 1C it goes on the Lifetime of the Battery :s

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