Charging 18650 li-ion with cheapy lipo charger - Turnigy Accucell C150 AC/DC 10A 150W

Danny ONeillDanny ONeill Club Members Posts: 1


Looks well-priced, gets good reviews, is apparently based on a well-respected open source design etc. It would likely serve future needs for smaller lipo battery charging, but in the short term I actually need to charge some 18650 li-ion cells. I can print an 18650 case/holder and cable up each cell to the balance board etc., so connecting them to the unit wont be an issue... but the description seems to mention every battery chemistry under the sun EXCEPT old-fashioned lithium ion! Could be that I don't know the correct acronym and really it DOES mention it. Surely the constant-current/constant-voltage cycle must be a doddle for a device as cunning as this, but I wouldn't want to presume, maybe they specifically DONT do li-ion cells for some reason.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!!

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