help to pick not expensive quadcopter

German OrlovGerman Orlov Club Members Posts: 23

Hello. I would like to have help with picking quad. I was flying FPV on airplanes for few years, so i'm not new in FPV, but i'm total noob in quadcopters topic. Recently got some wish to try quads, especially after those videos with tricks and fun :) I'm not really sure about prices too. For example, i know i can get good enough airplane for FPV for around 75 dollars, but what is about quadcopters? Are they more expensive? Can i get not bad quad for price not higher than 100 dollars? I want full 360 degrees control quad to have some maneuverable flight with tricks like those people on Youtube do. I saw cheap drones for like 50 dollars. Are they okay for FPV fun or i better to not waste money? Also, i have some extra questions.

Can i use my 4 channels regular radio from airplane?

Can i just unplug FrSky receiver from my airplane and put it into quadcopter?

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