Aerodrive vs Propdrive

Lawrence DunningLawrence Dunning Club Members Posts: 1

Is there a fundamental difference between Aerodrive and Propdrive?
I'm looking at Turnigy Propdrive 3536-910kv and Turnigy Aerodrive 3536-1200kv.
Specs seem similar, except there is some inconsistency with the specs for the Propdrive 3536-910.


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,620 ✭✭✭

    Fundamentally no difference.

  • Mike ChristophMike Christoph Club Members Posts: 12
    edited November 7

    Fundamental difference between the 2 motors is 910kv against 1200kv.......

    Assuming you are using a 3 cell battery, theoretically that works out to
    910 x 11.1=10100rpm
    1200 x 11.1=13320rpm.

    Expect that the 1200kv motor using the same prop will draw more current.

    So the decisions you need to make are these:

    -what aeroplane, ie what flight characteristics, wing loading , AUW etc

    -how fast/slow does it need go to fly properly thru its entire flight envelope.
    (U can always throttle back if you have a bit too much power, but flying an underpowered dog is hard work)

    -what prop should I use

    -how much load is that motor/prop combination going to impose on the battery

    -what size ESC do I need
    ( personal experience says maximum current draw + 25-30% safety/chinese mfgrs over stating capacity margin ie. draw =40A, use an 60A speedie).

    -how long a flight should I expect from a given capacity/size/'c' rating battery, ( draining no more than 75-80% of the battery's capacity per flight and why a 20c battery is really just a paperweight and I should have bought a 60c)

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