TrackStar GenII 120A ESC Program Box Connection Issue

ApexProxyApexProxy Club Members Posts: 3
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I just purchased a 120A GenII ESC and a "TrackStar Multi-Function Smart Program Box" to go with it and it fails to connect every time. I have tried every combination of turning things on and order of plugging things in and nothing works. The box will not connect to the ESC and my PC will not connect to the box. At this point I have two pieces of hardware not functioning correctly. Searches result in extremely mixed responses ranging from no known solution to simply download the new software. However, looking on HK for the software I cannot even download any of the files except "TU USB Link V2.06.exe", the manual, and a picture since all the other links give me an Error 403.

My box is FW 1.07 HW1.00 and I have no idea what my ESC is but I just bought it a few days ago. I am using the ESC with it fully powered on with a fully charged battery and my computer is Windows 10. The cable I am using is tested good on other hardware.

Any help would be great. At this point I have an ESC that I cannot change settings on and an ESC program box that does everything but program my ESC. Not a good impression for my first Trackstar setup haha.

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