apparent price discrepancies re-E Tomcat X Tail, TGY 811 servos

rocketmrvrocketmrv Club Members Posts: 1

Sorry for what may be nothing more than $US/$Au my end. Saw the E Tomcat for something like $750, put plane in my cart,along with 4 Tgy 811 thin wing servos that were at the very good price of $25-ish. All up $995. Had trouble with funds my way,went to pay this am. prices had returned much higher. Was this too good to be true? Thanks, rocketMerv


  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    Note the E-Tomcat is available in both the HK and AU warehouses. The HK warehouse has a cheaper price than the AU warehouse. Looking at the prices you are quoting they are US$ prices. US$789 from HK warehouse (plus shipping) or US$855.15 from AU warehouse (plus shipping). The servos are US$23.10 from HK or US$25.21 from AU. My guess is you were looking at HK warehouse in US$.

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