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Hi all,

Just returning to the hobby after over 10 years out and I’m really struggling to set the ESC on the HK Radjet 800 as per the setup instructions. I get the ascending tone then a single tone, followed by ascending tone again, single tone, double tone, triple tone and then quad tone... any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’m beginning to tear my hair out!

I’m using the Turnigy 9x with iA8 receiver - current throttle end points set to 100% and trim set to minimum. ESC power plugged into ch3 with aileron / elevator servos plugged into ch1&2 with elevon mixing enabled.

Any help greatly appreciated! While I was flying electric helis before I stopped, my knowledge and experience of electric aircraft setup is limited. I was actually baptised on glow engines and 72mhz!


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    First thing: Propellor OFF. No servos connected. Just the ESC into chan.3 on the receiver.

    Check TX is in your preferred stick mode - be aware that there are typos in the settings. What is called 'mode' is actually 'model' and is nothing to do with setting stick modes. The correct place to set the stick mode is on a menu screen where there are two icons that look like steering wheels. Set your preferred stick mode there.

    Calibrate the ESC to your tx throttle stick.

    Tx on, full throttle. RX/ESC on, await first ascending tones, then close throttle. Power off RX/ESC. Power off TX.

    Power on TX, throttle closed. Power on RX/ESC. Tones should be OK. Open throttle and check motor behaves as expected.

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    Thanks WTWUK but unfortunately no joy and still the same 😳

    I did find the stick mode - mine’s under ‘stick set’ and that’s set to Mode 2 with the correct depiction on the ‘steering wheels’ of Chs 1-4.

    I tried your calibration, got the ascending tone on full throttle but it was quickly followed by a double tone. I repeated it and quickly closed the throttle as you suggested after the ascending tone. On switching on again at closed throttle same as before - ascending tone, double beep, ascending, followed by single beep, double beep, triple, quad... any other options? Motor simply doesn’t run at all so I’m guessing ESC isn’t set.

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    Hi Ian,

    Not sure if I posted in the best section for your attention - currently posted in H-King RC Aircraft - I’m really struggling to setup the Radjet 800 ESC per the instructions... any advice please?

    Link here: https://forum.hobbyking.com/discussion/73739/radjet-esc-setup#latest

    Many thanks,


  • Derek MayDerek May Club Members Posts: 16

    Hi I’m struggling to setup the built in ESC in the Radjet... any idea which ESC this is and whether there is an instruction manual somewhere - the instructions with the Radjet for ESC setup are just not working for me 😳

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    Many thanks to Anthony in specialist product support who helped me via chat!

    The ESC was trying to enter programming mode because for some reason the Turnigy 9X needs channel 3 to be reversed. So if anyone else has an issue trying to setup the Radjet 800 ESC first try reversing the ‘servo / signal’ direction. Now I can finally get airborne! 👍

    Great customer support from HK!

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    Ah yes! Same as has to be done with Futaba sets. So long since I used a standard T9X or Futaba I forgot all about that!

    Have a blast with the RadJet - great fun! Haha!!

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