Powering a 1.2m foamy toy chuckglider

rwallagerwallage Netanya, IsraelClub Members Posts: 44 ✭✭

I am converting a 1.2m chuck glider to a rudder/elevator/motor glider. The glider itself has an empty weight of about 150g. Add two servos, Rx, motor, ESC, spinner, folding prop, 2S lipo it will probably reach 350~400g.
What sort of motor/esc/prop/lipo combination would I need for this, keeping in mind I need to keep it as light as possible?


  • Warren ELLIOTTWarren ELLIOTT Club Members Posts: 14

    I would think about a 2826 1400kv outrunner motor,, 20amp HK ESC and a folding prop as used on the Walrus powered glider, (available as a spare part). All are relatively cheap. ...Warren

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