Orange R1220 won’t bind to my Tr6i

SpitefuSpitefu Club Members Posts: 4

I have been using the tx successfully for a while now, I bought the rx a few months ago, but tried to set it up for the first time yesterday using normal procedures which have worked every time with my other receivers. It goes into bind mode normally with either one or two bind plugs fitted and the orange light goes from fast to slow flashing as it should. However after a few seconds a message flashes briefly on the tx screen saying “operating mode is DSMX” and the rx goes dead, no light and not bound. I have tried this many times and it happens every time. Can you help me please, I need to set the model up.



  • SpitefuSpitefu Club Members Posts: 4

    Hi Gary. I don’t know if you are around today, I have posted this twice with the details and could do with some help because it is holding up a build. It just seems odd when my tx binds perfectly with Spektrum rxs but won’t bind with a new Orange rx

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