Australian Warehouse stocks

RonsterRonster Club Members Posts: 17

I will try here as all my polite but not flattering comments on the facbook site never see the light of day. I truly beleive that Hobbyking Australian Warehouse stock is very light on. I can very seldom if ever get parts for the planes that I have purchased from the Australian Warehouse. You can ! (if in stock in Hong Kong) get them from there, BUT and it is a big BUT!!! The cost and the lengthy time it takes to get your purchase makes it far too expensive. When I say this on the Facebook site it never gets to air. Come on HK I am a platinum member and have made a significant amount of purchases. Just stock the Ausie Warehouse up and keep your Aussie customers happy. "I will buy from you from Aussie Warehouse but not unless desperate from Kong Kong"


  • greatbigstegreatbigste Club Members Posts: 10

    Exactly the same in the U.K. warehouse, no or little stock ! If you want a crappy foam plane or a battery then your probably ok, anything else forget it !! Think they might be going down the pan !? Shame as I’ve been a customer for many years.

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