Bidirectional Motor parts?

Sarki AmadaSarki Amada Club Members Posts: 3

Hello fellow hobbykings,

I want to create something so simple as this, what parts would you suggest for me to buy?

My specifications:
1. The motor should be faster (Minimum 14k RPM) Recommended 50k RPM or more.
2. Very quiet operation at that speed.
3. As you can see from the video; it rotates bidirectionally, so also I need it to function exactly the same changing direction at a particular time automatically.


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,620 ✭✭✭

    Not with a 50,000+ RPM.

    How fast do you need the platform to move?

  • Sarki AmadaSarki Amada Club Members Posts: 3

    @WTWUK Can you clarify why you said not with 50,000+ RPM; Do you mean it's going to be noisy at that speed, no motor can go at that speed, the lead screw cannot withstand the speed, or no bidirectional motor that can go at that speed both ways?
    I want it to be faster than 14k RPM, because the lead screw i'm using is 1000mm long, but I'm only using 24" in of the 1000mm. Going at the speed of 14k RPM and the lead screw I'm using travels at 8mm per revolution means 14k*8mm= 112,000mm per minute or 1866mm per second. Which is really slow for what I want. That's why I recommended the 50k RPM. Maybe I should get lead screw that travels at 2inch per revolution, then low speed motor is okay. My main concern is where to get the low noise, high speed bidirectional motor.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,620 ✭✭✭

    Brushless motors can easily reach 50,000RPM.

    I, and many others have motors that can hit 100,000+ RPM and there are those that can get as high as 250,000RPM - and NOISEY they are!

    I honestly don't think you are going to find any model-related motor to do what you need, as the speed of leadscrew travel is pretty industrial stuff. Motors sold here need accelleration and decelleration times, even if a hard brake is set on their respective ESC.

    Big stepper motors could be your answer, as they can be instantly stopped and started in either direction, but finding any that can reach the speeds you need - no idea if such a beast is out there.

    Can I ask what it is that you are making? May help to figure out options.

  • Sarki AmadaSarki Amada Club Members Posts: 3

    What if I connect a brushless high speed motor to a timer relay that automatically switches any of the three wire connected, wouldn't that make the brushless motor switch to other direction immediately? I watch this video where someone used a brushless motor and i think self made esc that was able to change the direction of the motor whilst maintaining same altitude.

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