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I have a little 2826/6 Turnigy motor, and I'd like a new prop driver.

I can't find one in stock, which is specific to this motor.

Wondering whether the NTM 28 series drivers are compatible. I don't really want a collet-type, but would prefer one of those drivers which screws to the front of the motor casing, with 3 screws.

For example, these are available ...


  • Robert PeanRobert Pean Club Members Posts: 3

    I ordered the same adapters you have listed for a pair of Turnigy D2836/8. 3 problems I encountered (1) the blind hole that fits over the hub with the grub screw is too small by .5mm. (2) The blind hole is not deep enough to fit flush against the front of the motor and (3) The screws that come with the kit don't match the screw holes in the motor. The screws are bigger than the threaded holes.

  • botbeaglebotbeagle Club Members Posts: 4

    Ah ... OK ... thanks for the feedback.

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