C130 bugs/loosing engines

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I recently crash landed my new herc on the maiden after loosing all 4 engines after about 2 minutes of flight. I still had full control of flight surfaces. I checked everything inside and all connections were solid as far as I could tell. I have relocated the receiver and satellite to the front and away from everything with no change. I am still loosing all engines when I get about 300 feet away. I have tried known good receivers, deleted and created a new model in my iX12, and even bound both receivers to my other Hercs profile with the same results. I am not experiencing any signal or rf issues with any other models in the radio.

I am hoping that you may be able to point me in the right direction or can shed light on this. My other herc is down as I have to change at least one esc, possibly two but am not in a hurry to tear into my custom paint job again.

I did contact CS and was told that my Lemon 10ch satellite receiver is not full range and is only meant for park fliers which as I'm sure you know is not true.


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    Just a theory - wrap the receivers in aluminium foil apart from the antennae tips to shield them and do a range check on the ground.

    I have had similar with the Lemon 6 chan, but that was a TX firmware issue. The ones you have are no way park fliers. I have them as well and they are full range without doubt. HK CS and their biased replies! Phhht! Heheh!

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