New turningy lipo battery not charging?

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I am quite new to the modelling hobby. I have bought a 3cell 11.1V battery as shown in the photo, a DC-4S charger and AC-DC plug which i think is rated correctly and +ive and -ve poles correct to the charger. Battery worked fine and I ran all the way down. However now I have gone to charge it and I only get three dashes, not the voltage checker (when power is not supplied) or charging (with mains power supplied). The charger has been replaced with a new one and same problem. Am I doing something wrong or is the Battery faulty?

Many Thanks! :)


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    If you ran it totally 'flat' as in below 3.0V per cell, you killed it. LiPo's must NEVER be run to anything much less than 3.0V per cell (9V total with a 3S pack) or most, if not all chargers will allow them to be recharged as the cells are damaged.

    Edit: I just googled the manual for your charger and it is indeed so you have effectively destroyed your battery - the three dashes indicate the battery cannot be detected due to undervoltage.

    You need to buy a new battery.

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