Hello Ian - I am "patiently" waiting for weeks to order the Avios Albatross - HELP?

lvflyerlvflyer Club Members Posts: 1

I am "patiently", honestly IMPATIENTLY, :'( waiting for weeks to order the Avios Albatross, that you "hit it out of the park", from the USA warehouse. I saw,recently, it was "back in stock" at the "GLOBAL" warehouse for SEVERAL MINUTES before it went back to "out of stock". I was hoping that a shipment (shipping container) somewhat full with some Avios Albatross would be on the way to the USA. As a PLATINUM customer, and with people I fly with at my lake who are waiting to purchase this unit, could you PLEASE tell me when I will be alerted ( I have an alert set to come on my cell phone) so that I can "press that BUY button" OR even "BACKORDER" button (if that will be available)?
I have MANY planes of which I have purchased quite a few from HK and I, as well as others that fly with me, DESPERATELY want to fly this "HK HOME RUN ALBATROSS" that I have "coined" this.

Please forgive me if I am just another person "bothering" you about the restocking of this plane - I REALLY do not want to be a bother to you as I know you are VERY busy - I know someone who is in a position like yours for a different company and I know how busy he is - ESPECIALLY this time of year :) - Thank you for taking the time to read this


  • Gary49Gary49 Club Members Posts: 46 mod

    Hi Ian. Sorry this answer is a bit late, did you manage to obtain a Avios Albatross ?

  • Jays Jays Club Members Posts: 2

    I too have been waiting. Seems like over half of the items I click on are backorder or out of stock.

  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    More stock of the Albatross is now in AU warehouse and should be in other warehouses US, UK, EU soon. I don't have the exact dates but keep checking.

  • william philpwilliam philp Club Members Posts: 4

    I have been waiting for a canopy/battery hatch for an Albatross since June 2nd!

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