Bixler 1.1 Pre build check - ESC does nothing when powered up

Dauv McNeelyDauv McNeely Club Members Posts: 1

Is the ESC on a brand new Bixler 1.1v2 supposed to make any sound or cause the motor to twitch when battery power is supplied?
I have not wired up anything yet. No receiver nothing. I just wanted to check the ESC prior to spending a couple of hours installing a FC, GPS, VTX etc.

When I plug a 3S battery into the XT60 connector that came attached to the ESC, nothing happens.

This is my first plane and I have no idea if this is correct or if I perhaps got a bad one?



  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,612 ✭✭✭

    No ESC makes a sound. It is the motor that makes the sound when pulses are sent to it by the ESC causing the windings to vibrate.

    Sometimes the sounds are very quiet indeed.

    However, you ought to at least connect your receiver (bind it if neccessary to your transmitter) to the ESC. That way you can do the throttle stick calibration.

    When setting up models, it is best to setup the radio, esc/motor basics first. Then servos and other peripherals one step at a time.

    What 'flight controller' are you using by the way?

    DO NOT have the prop on the motor when doing any testing.

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