New EDF should have double the thrust but actually is less then previous, and really, really, noisy

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Hi, I had the following:
And it worked quite well for my project. It is not a planeso weight is not important. Too much noise IS, instead.
Now I wanted a more powerful EDF and I bought this one:
EDF: , should have double the trhust of the other EDF
But with the new set instead of getting more thrust, it is really, really more noisy (too much!) but moves way less air than previous one. (How is this possible??)
I am using a servo tester to test them both.
What is wrong?? Thanks!


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    It is running far from its efficiency as it is intended to run on 4S batteries - not 2S.

    When correctly balanced and run on 4S, these 64mm fans will put out over 1kg of thrust. One of mine touched 1.15kg.

    As for noise, that is something there is no getting away from. The bigger the EDF, the more noise you can expect.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,612 ✭✭✭

    Better, but not ideal.

    Running at full power, you will find the 20C pack will get very warm and likely puff up. Life expectancy will be short. The 30C will be a bit better. But for best longevity, go for at least a 40C pack, even higher if you can.

    The ESC will be fine, but set the timing to high for the best performance.

    Before you runt it again, google 'edf balancing with a smartphone' and find the info on balancing.

    Dynamically balancing EDF's is critical - especially bigger ones - as it not only improves performance, but battery life is increased, vibration is reduced and also noise can be dramatically reduced.

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