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Turnigy 4 x 6S 400W charger auto mode

Alan SutherlandAlan Sutherland Club Members Posts: 1

I have just bought a Turnigy 4x6S 400W quad charger to charge some NiMH batteries. In Section 7.1 (Page 13) of the User Manual it shows the NiMH charge window with Aut (Automatic mode presumably ?) to the right hand side and seems to describe a way of toggling between Manual and Automatic modes by pressing the +/- buttons simultaneously when the current value is flashing. In my unit this menu shows - Line 1 "NiMH[0] CHARGE" Line 2 "CURRENT X.X A"
X's being the current value you can set and not what you actually see. There seems no way to toggle between Automatic and Manual modes and there is an obvious difference between what I see on screen and what is in the manual. This is very concerning as it seems to be stuck in some kind of manual mode and does not obey the Capacity cut off setting, not very reassuring when batteries are being left on charge. It does seem to obey the Safety timer setting though. Any help gratefully received.


  • rodney hoskinsrodney hoskins Club Members Posts: 1

    Hello Alan. Did you ever figure that out? I have the same unit and it is stuck on 240 min cut off, 50,000 mah, and it only discharges at .5 amps no matter where I set it. Is that how yours is?

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