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UK Stock (Lack of) and Brexit

Simon YoungSimon Young Club Members Posts: 15
edited July 9 in General Questions

Am I the only one to notice the serious lack of stock in the UK warehouse and NO spares carried for anything that is sold. Exmaple I brought an Orlandoo D110 kit. I managed to get the ESC and servo but has to go to ******* to buy the motor. Then during build I tweaked a tiny tiny screw and split a bit of plastic.. but HobbyKing carry no spares in UK or EU. So of to ****** for spares.

Also I hate the way the new website keep reseting my filter when I do a new search. the old website used to remember you current perferences for your web session.

Q. Are HobbyKing sersious about UK customers and trading with the UK both sides of Brexit?

Q. Will we see better stock for the UK?

I look forward to yours and others feedback.


  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 432 admin
    edited July 9

    @Simon Young HobbyKing is supporting all its customers in the UK. As Toby has stated HobbyKing is in the process of getting its stock replenished for all markets.

  • MagnumflyerMagnumflyer Club Members Posts: 1

    How long does it take, I remember Toby on a YouTube video about 8-9 months ago saying he recognised hobby king made mistakes in following drones and that planes would be a big thing this summer for all warehouses. Would that be the Australian summer? I have just come back from a few shows here in the uk and people are going back to following there local model shop whatever the price is me included. Hobby king needs to pick up the pace again before it gets forgotten about.

  • Simon YoungSimon Young Club Members Posts: 15

    No spare for Orlandoo Hunter D110, i think being a supplier of a model it should be your responcability to carry a reasonable level of spare for products sold. Otherwise your going to loose customers to other suppliers who care stock but the prices are high. we all like to save money but we love our hobby more and certainly I am willing to spend more for the result.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭
    edited July 18

    Asiatees dot com - spares for most overlandoo models

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