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Are you intending to continue trading as you are running down stock levels?

Bob WarnerBob Warner Club Members Posts: 5

Hi - I'm intending to get back into flying powered gliders. From old school bungee launch or 8 Nicads strapped under the wing 30 years ago. Looking at your website with money to spend and retired decided on the all new radio gear , new batteries and chargers etc and a Pheonix V2 - ah! - no stock for the Pheonix V2. Right then Pheonix 2000 no stock. Durafly Excaliber then - hmm - no stock. Ranger 1600 ? - nah - no stock. Bixler 3 1550 - Nope - no stock. How about the Bixler 2 EPO 1500 then - not a chance - no stock
Is there something we should know


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,511 ✭✭✭

    Yep. HobbyKing took their eye off the ball. Supposedly stock levels will be increasing soon ..

    Unfortunately, HobbyKing and soon are words best not used in the same sentence.

  • carlo mapellicarlo mapelli Club Members Posts: 1

    After really thousands of orders I am having heavy troubles with stock level and assortment, prices have been increased and in spite of beeing a platinum member, no anymore special prices, meanwhile I have been forced to deal with other online suppliers, I didn't quit to buy modelling parts, I am quitting to buy at HK. Carlo

  • yfl211yfl211 BelgiumClub Members Posts: 240 ✭✭

    After all these years as a platinum member I'm used to a low stock level at the European warehouse, but now it's getting ludicrous. C'mon people ! Send that container and make sure there's a T45 in it ! And as for me, you can start up the old Durafly range of war planes again. You still know : the Mustang, the Corsair, the Messerschmidt 110, the Skyraider; all those nice 1100 mm planes. Don't get why you shut that line down anyway. Just when I was to buy one or two. And you can add some new models too - don't be shy on that matter. I can imagine the r/c community would happily welcome a nice Dutch Fokker G1, an Italian Folgore or, well choose yourself, there's plenty.

  • solentlifesolentlife Club Members Posts: 49 ✭✭

    HK seems to be just reducing stock ... making ridiculous Sales offers - go to the item and its OUT OF STOCK ... Well done HK - offer big discount on an item that is not in stock !!
    A lot of the old favourites that many bought as well priced, are deleted from inventory - and no replacements.
    Other online retailers such as ******* are fast coming up and beating HK on price and availability. Motors - have a look at RCTimer etc.
    If HK doesn't act soon - it will go down ...

  • richard millsrichard mills Club Members Posts: 8

    That skyraider was the best warbird HK has ever built in my mind, everybody makes spitfires and mustangs but that plane was unique but it did have quite a few parts on it which is probably above HK abilities

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