Chipmunk 61 convert to electric from nitro

Richard AddisonRichard Addison Club Members Posts: 3

Hello to all who know what they are doing with planes.
I have been approached by a work mate who has a chipmunk 61 with a very sick 4 stroke nitro gas engine and he would like to convert to electric.
He has come to me as ALL my models are electric ranging form twin 12v SLA to lipo s3 in the scale cars.
I did try flying on one occasion but that ended in a walk home with the model in a carrier bag lol.
So any help you can give will be greatly received and appreciated.
My searching sort of came up with 4000Ma S4 lipo with 710Kv outrunner and around 80amp esc but as its a flying thing I'm lost as to whether its enough or too much? Oh he would like to keep the same prop as " it looks right" which is on a 8mm shaft

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