General discussion ECS´s ( in fact lets say, 98% of all ESC´s in the market and all brands )

skyfox60skyfox60 Club Members Posts: 256
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Since years I hate to mount ESC´s in my Planes/Helis a.s.o.
Why the manufacturers do not cut printboards in a way that gives some small "ears" to screw in an ESC in a model.
You saw this on an old turnigy 150A and you see it on the super brain 100A even now.

Most ESC are laying somewhere around in the modell. I hate it.

Is anybody out there thinking that it might be better to have other way of mounting apart from dubble sided tape or just throw it somewhere in the plane?

Obviously the engineers constructing ESC´s are not modellers, as if, they would design it a little bit better.

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