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Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

You have a potential customer looking to buy a fatshark package. Since you guys (for reasons unknown) don't offer such packages deals I thought I'd help this person out matching up a few individual products.

The problem is you can't do it with the gear you maintain in stock. Some time ago I wanted to upgrade to a fatshark HD3 based diversity google system. At the time you had zero stock of regular diversity modules. You lost an $1000 sale. No biggie right. Stuff happens. But several months later and it's the same story. You still haven't replenished essential stock.

I'm a pretty loyal customer (platinum member,. You can look me up). But your companies inability to maintain stock that relates to other stock clearly costing you guys large sales. Im not simply griping for the sake of it. I think that HobbyKing is a solid retailer. But this is the reason stopped contributing to the forum. Frustration, pure and simple.

Look at the orders I have made over the last few months. Now consider the $1000 of fatshark gear you missed out on. The $600 of quads you missed out on. The half dozen 100c 4s batteries. The Jumper radio I'm about to order with the crossfire modules and receivers. This is adding up. And there are customers who spend way more than me that are almost undoubtedly in the same situation as me. If you are going to get out of the rotor wing side of things just be honest.



  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,427 ✭✭✭

    Wasting your breath fella. Plenty of other outlets that are happy to take yours and everyone elses $$$.

  • Jason PhelanJason Phelan Club Members Posts: 60

    It's just a shame that the potential knowledge base here on the forum is being squandered. Turning HobbyKing into the Walmart of the hobby industry. There is no reason the high volume low price model has to be this way.

    On the plus side, Beng that there is not many people here we can chew he fat in any thread. You been getting in much flying mate? I've been spending heaps of time on multis of late. Practice is really starting to pay off. I rarely use horizon mode any more. Except landing around people.

  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    @Jason Phelan thanks for taking the time to post.

    Firstly, please accept my thanks for your efforts in helping users in our forum community. It's blokes like you that drive HobbyKing forward. We're a community based company so having folks like you in the community is essential.

    Secondly, you are dissapointed with our stock levels. So am I. I'm under no illusion that they are sufficient and to this end we're working to improve them. We have more inventory arriving within the next month or so (all warehouses). The delay is partially caused by the long lead time from factories and also partially by HobbyKing's poor sales forecasting. I'm currently working directly with factories to shorten their lead time. I've also hired some external consultants to help us improve our internal sales forecasting.

    Thirdly, you mentioned that HobbyKing appears to be backing out of drones. This isn't true. We'll continue to range new products and do our best to be a "one-stop shop" for anyone wanting to get into it. What we are doing though is refocusing back to our airplane customers. We're seeing a trend of drone flyers moving to planes and it makes sense for us to support them considering that HobbyKing built itself off the back of it's airplane business.

    I hope this helps. BTW you are welcome to PM me directly for a faster response.

  • richard millsrichard mills Club Members Posts: 4

    I'm glad this discussion is going on, it would be good idea to start stocking the spares for the flagship items, the stinger is a great plane but the fuselage is never in stock, another great item the efx racer HK has never stocked the hardware kit for it and you loose the servo covers and random small parts you're told to hunt around your local model shop. it would be nice to know when I buy a model that I'm not going to be left high and dry over a cheap spare part

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