After Info on electric motor for a pc-9

Johnathon PopeJohnathon Pope Club Members Posts: 2

Just after some info i brought a pc-9 kit and on the kit it says to use a combolt 400 cant find one in Australia wondering what i could use instead???


  • Johnathon PopeJohnathon Pope Club Members Posts: 2

    these are the specs of the plane

    Wingspan 95cm

    length 75cm

    power source 1200nicad 8.4v 7 cell batter pack

    motor: supplied wattage cobalt 400 (that is one amp sucking motor)

    wattage 30amp speed control.

    estimated flight time 4-5mins

    take off in less than 6 meters.

    total weight: about 600grams

    colour scheme is Royal Australian Air force Roulettes Aerobatic team.

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