Double 100CC Counter Rotate

Ace DanielAce Daniel GermanyClub Members Posts: 94 ✭✭

Here is my very special CCG200 Counter Rotate for 12s and Ramoser Vario Prop 25,8" 3-Blade
near 5kg pure Power

with his brand new made Props from Ramoser

The Test-Plane, an 3m PAF-Trainer and near 30 years old

and that ist the dream Plane to build for: "Precious Metal"

and the old fuselage from 15 Years old?, will be much work on it.

Best regards, Daniel


  • HasbeenHasbeen Club Members Posts: 10

    The navy decided that the Venom pilots should all be checked out on the Fairy Gannet, contra rotating turbo prop thing.

    It scared the hell out of most of us. Cut one prop & the things just fell out of the sky. It might be fun in an RC plane, but I never wanted to be any where near the real thing again.

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