Boat,Moter and ESC selection

Carl BonnerCarl Bonner Club Members Posts: 1

I'm trying to determine the best motor(s) for my boat. Its a Dumas American Enterprise. Its 50" LONG (1300mm) AND 12" (300mm) BEAM. TWIN SCREW WITH GEARTRAIN FOR SINGLE MOTOR, but could change to twin motor. I was planning on using a 12v gel cell for power.


  • canabuscanabus Club Members Posts: 39

    You would be better using lipo batteries with two 100Amp ESC's and a pair of 3639-1100kv brushless motors or 3648-1450kv motors.
    Props 3blade 37mm or 2blade 40mm.

  • Kostas SxizasKostas Sxizas Club Members Posts: 1

    Dear Gents good day.

    I am working on a project which concerns the replacement of the old gas-engine with electric motor and his components.

    The boat is a single hall 1200mm and I need your advice regarding motor, esc, and battery (ies) selection.

    Awaiting yours

  • Ashley MulderAshley Mulder Club Members Posts: 3

    Hi guys

    I'm building a twin hull boat should be approximately 1500mm long when finished what's going to be the best motor and esc and prop set up


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,604 ✭✭✭

    No idea. Hull shape? Vee or round? Single screw? Twin screws? Weight? Speed expected?

    Impossible to answer without more info.

  • Ashley MulderAshley Mulder Club Members Posts: 3

    This is what I'm building my boat from but it will be single screw

  • Ashley MulderAshley Mulder Club Members Posts: 3

    Hoping to get 50km

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