Turnigy X6B Receiver - RSSI and Range

Neil MayhewNeil Mayhew Club Members Posts: 1

Just like to share some experience with this receiver. It is a simple process to use a firmware modification to inject signal strength value into IBUS channel 14. This gives RSSI value in the Flight Controller OSD. There is a very informative and good user guide on RC Groups https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3093552-RSSI-Firmware-mod-for-FlySky-IA6B-and-X6B. A big thank you to the creator of the patch on GitHub. I use this receiver with a Turnigy Evolution to which I have added a small 2.4Ghz Moxon antenna. In clear space can get a signal out to 1.5km.


  • Matt GraigMatt Graig Club Members Posts: 7

    wow nice. Looks like a great experience. Glad to know about it.

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