H-King EZIO 1500mm EP Glider (PNP)

Lee Osborne Lee Osborne Club Members Posts: 17

Hi, heres mine!
I hated the 80's coloured grey and pink decals so ordered the red squares and used some artistic license lol.


  • HasbeenHasbeen Club Members Posts: 10

    Looks great Lee, how does it fly? have a couple of U Gliders, the first one was so good bought a spare. I have thought the EZ1O might be a good replacement for them.

  • Lee Osborne Lee Osborne Club Members Posts: 17

    Hello mate, she flys very well but the balance (c of g) is quite critical in order to get her to glide nicely.

    i originally had the c of g too far forward and found that she flew like a pig lol.... but I’ve adjusted it now and she flys very well.

    because it’s so light it doesn’t like much wind.

    my main criticism is that the ply plate the motor is screwed to is too fragile, and the wing saddle came loose also.

    after a couple of slightly abrupt landings (not crashes) I found that the ply motor mount was split nearly in half and the mount screws were loose so I strengthened it with a good layer of epoxy.

    too much rudder too slow will give you a tip stall but once you’re used to It it’s a pleasure.

  • HasbeenHasbeen Club Members Posts: 10

    1 have a Dynam Catalina, it's a really great plane, but tended to tip stall if you got a little slow turning onto landing approach. 1 was never able to recover from a tip stall with it, so it is a bit battered.

    A mate suggested some reflex on the ailerons might cure this habit. 1 now have 4 degrees up on both ailerons as static trim. Since doing that it has not tip stalled again. 1 now have similar reflex on all my touchy planes, which has saved me a lot of repair work.

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