HK600 Servos

tazmadmantazmadman Club Members Posts: 4

Im looking on the site for servos for a hk600 i have but all the ones i use to buy are not avalible or out of stock
i need a cheep :) reliable one for scale flying no 3d does anyone have a idea please


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,604 ✭✭✭

    Cyclic, tail or both needed?


    AeroStar™ AS-559MG High Torque MG Servo 9.35kg / 0.13sec / 55g


    D50012MG High Speed Digital MG Servo 25T 5.4kg / 0.05sec / 56.7g

    Those would do for bimbling about.

  • tazmadmantazmadman Club Members Posts: 4

    Thanks WTWUK

  • skyfox60skyfox60 Club Members Posts: 255
    edited May 30

    I use only the Trackstar 920 in all my HK-600´s.
    In a Scale Heli I even use this servo for Tailrotor on a Kbar FBL and that works perfect.
    Others have other tailservos as they need to be some more quick.
    For Scaler instead, the 920 is perfect solution also at the tailrotor.
    One of mine is used every weekend since 4 years now and the servos are still good, no more play in the gears as they allready had when new ( small play btw. ).
    The Servo is HV capable, brushless powered, strong, reliable and cheap.
    3 Helis, 10 of these servos and all are working perfect.

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