Znter 1.5V Reachargble AA Batterys

Bob JeffBob Jeff Club Members Posts: 1

Just wondering if the Znter 1.5V Reachargble AA Battery reaches 1.5V in use and how many charges you can get out of it and if possible can you tell me if this would work in LEGO Mindstorms EV3 command block. I would love to be answered soon so I can decide.


  • ChristChrist andenneClub Members Posts: 321

    hello, I have such batteries. it is nice, realy 1.5V for the complete charge. then like a sudden they stop because they are too low. No way to find out what is the actual level of the battery Inside. It is technically a lipo and a converter. Capacity is quiet low like 1,2A for the AA size.

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