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Hi gang;

It’s been years since I was in the hobby and with summer approaching, I decided to try out my drone once again. It is a Hobbyking Black Widow 260 racing drone.

Well, I didn’t get very far. Plugged it in, but the motors won’t spin.

The transmitter says it’s binded, the receiver has a solid red light and the CC3D flight controller has a solid green light with a slow blinking blue one. All this, from what I’ve read today, seems normal operation. But increasing the throttle does not make the motors spin.

I don’t know what the switches at the top of the Turnigy transmitter do, or if they would affect the motors.

Am I missing something obvious? I don’t remember having trouble last time I flew it - I would just turn on the transmitter first, then power the drone and increase the throttle.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated as I’d love to start flying again!



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    You need to find out what transmitter input 'arms' the ESC's and then the motors will spin up. Check in your flight control software. (BetaFlight or LibrePilot perhaps?)

    Usually it will be by way of a switch input or throttle stick bottom, yaw stick fully left.

    It should not be a case of power on and up you go. That is potentially dangerous.

    In addition, when doing any power on testing, make sure your propellers are taken off.

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    Thank you for your reply. If I check the product specs:

    It says it has a CC3D flight controller. If I check the internet, there's some info about it but most say it needs to be plugged in to a PC, which I've never had to do.

    What you said makes sense it's just that there's no direction on where to find this info. I will try what you suggested: yaw stick fully left. I do this as soon as I plugin the drone battery and after the initialization beeps are done?

    I also found this:

    • A slowly blinking blue LED indicates that the board is booted and running the firmware; this is the normal operating mode.
    • A slow fading in and out of the blue LED with the green LED on indicates that the board is in bootloader mode.
    • A rapidly blinking blue LED during a bootloader update indicates an error state. An invalid bootloader image was likely detected and the update hasn’t been performed.

    Mine is the first one so set up correctly.

    If you have any other ideas, please do share them. Thanks.


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    Aha! You were right. After much searching, I read the reviews on the product and someone said:

    "YOU MUST ARM THE COPTER BEFORE FLYING. THROTTLE STICK LOWER RIGHT CORNER FOR 3 SECONDS... This quadcopter is really powerful and very capable. everything you need is included. The case is such an added bonus! You will want a better charger. The remote is way better than i had expected. I am overall really excited about the quality of what this whole package is."

    BTW, the number one complaint from EVERYONE is the TOTAL and complete lack of documentation for this product.

    Regardless, thank you for your help - you helped me figure it out and I couldn't have done it without you.


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    No problem.

    Lack of 'instructions' is very common for all but the cheap end and expensive end of these things.

    Pretty much anything with non-big name flight controllers is the same. Some flight controllers do not even mention what they are!

    However, there is a staggering amount of info online - so there is no real need for printed manuals.

    As for the computer bit - you bet! That opens up a whole new ballgame for how you can configure your CC3D (excellent, but now pretty much outdated flight controller board) - and is to be very much encouraged, as the software that is on your board is constantly being worked on and improved.

    I have had many CC3D's from the original right up to the all singing gps enabled CC3D Revolution and all have been superb, but all needed firmware updates.

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    Thanks for the advice!

    What drone are you currently flying now?


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