Simple Setup for FPV begginners

Yossi TsafarYossi Tsafar Club Members Posts: 1


I have a DX6i + Bixler 2 and i'm flying it for some time. Really loving it. Now I want to take it to the next level and start FPV'ing.
The problem is that all the videos / tutorials online offering old products which are not available (broken links), expensive nor have newer versions.

I wonder if someone here can suggest me a beginner's setup for my plane (which I build on my own - so I control the basics), with a gear which I can upgrade along the way as I advance. There are a lot of parts online and I don't know what to choose, which one is good and which one isn't, which ones are suitable for drone and which ones are suitable for planes.

Much appreciate!


  • FRENCHSTANFRENCHSTAN Club Members Posts: 6

    I'm interested, same way, DX6i and DX6 and the (lousy) DXe. Need a list of the stuff to get and I'll do the rest. As Yossi said, there is a lot of OLD, OLD info out there on FPV and Head Tracking, but nothing up-to-date!

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