New Phoenix 1600 with 22-12 1400kv motor

Warren ELLIOTTWarren ELLIOTT Club Members Posts: 14

My motor lasted only 4 minutes on a 2s lipo battery before overheating enough to melt the front plastic mounting flange. It appears that the motor is very underated or the prop size is too large - I never even got it into the air so cannot tell if the 22-121400kv motor will actually be enough to power the plane.
Another worry is that there is not enough air flow through the plane body to allow for adequte cooling.
I read somewhere in the forum that another larger motor is recommended for the Phoenix 1600 and would appreciate advice as to what motor to use. I would prefer a motor capable of powering from a 3s lipo.
I have a spare 28-36 1400kv motor available but that seems a bit oversize and heavy for the plane as a small glider.


  • Warren ELLIOTTWarren ELLIOTT Club Members Posts: 14

    Add to my comment... The prop supplied is a 10" diameter folding type, can't see any markings as to the pitch. I notice a comment here somewhere suggested a much smaller prop.

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