H King Voltigeur Horriable Directions HELP

Not being able to send a message to customer service direct bothers me to say the least. I have attempted to buy another Hobby King Product so far not close to expectations. One the wheels are missing the nut to hold on the wheel to the carbon landing gear not good.. Second most import the instructions are a complete utter disgrace. There is ZERO indication how to secure the wings to the fuse NOTHING in the quarter of a page that was on the sticker on the outside of the box. My question is simple how does it stay secure do I USE CA? what please I would like to finish the build... FYI I had to use other wheels as the cheap screw stripped within 2 turns.. Someone just please send me back a message response to my direct email [email protected]


  • HelperHelper Club Members Posts: 438 admin

    @ Sean Sullivan The best way to contact HobbyKing Customer Services is via web chat:


    The wings are designed to come on and off for easy transport. There should be two finger screws (plastic about 50mm length) that screw into the wing (one each wing) once you have fitted the wing.

  • Sean SullivanSean Sullivan Club Members Posts: 2

    No screws were included if they are the white nylon type I will stop today at LHS and get a set I was going to glue them in otherwise.. Sean Sullivan

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