HK-GT2B receiver not staying paired (bound or matched) to the HK-GT2B transmitter

Scott LockhartScott Lockhart Club Members Posts: 1

Out of the box the system worked great in our Tamiya Sand Viper with ESC and single steering servo. However, within about an hour of use, it started to act strange like it was intermittently losing the signal. After a few more minutes the car quit responding entirely as it appeared the receiver and transmitter became un-paired (un-bound, un-matched) since the receiver LED was now flashing instead of staying on continuously as before.

We went to section 10.1 of the instruction manual and followed the instructions on how to match (bind/pair) the receiver to the transmitter. We go all the way through steps A-F, where we install the battery in the transmitter, turn it off, insert the matching lines to the channel BIND/CH3 of the receiver, connect the receiver battery, get the flashing LED on the receiver, press and hold the BIND button on the transmitter, turn on the transmitter, and observe the receiver LED is no longer flashing. We release the button on the transmitter and take out the match line, but the process fails at step G where we test it after installing a servo. We get no response from either the steering servo or the ESC. We repeat the process and it still fails. We've tried this in every combination of having both the receiver and transmitter either on or off following the release of the transmitter BIND button, but it never works. As soon as the receiver loses power, it becomes unbound again with a flashing LED.

The only other thing I notice is the BIND LED on the transmitter continues to flash after the BIND button on the transmitter is released. Is this what it should be doing?

Has anyone else seen this before?

Why won't the receiver stay bound to the transmitter and respond to inputs from the transmitter?

Is there a different procedure to follow than the one in the instruction manual?

Do I need to get a replacement receiver or transmitter?


  • Rob GardnerRob Gardner Club Members Posts: 2
    1. Turn off Tx and Rx (model on/off switch).
    2. Insert Bind Plug into correct rx socket.
    3. Turn model on. Rx should flash.
    4. Firmly hold down Bind button on tx. Do not let go.
    5. Switch on Tx while Bind button is held down.
    6. Rx should flash then solid red.
    7. Release Bind button.
    8. Switch off Tx and Rx (model on/off switch).
    9. Remove bind plug from Rx.
    10. Switch on Tx.
    11. Switch on Model.
    12. Rx led should stay solid red to indicate that it has found the tx and is bound to it.

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