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My birds

Sean ByingtonSean Byington Club Members Posts: 1

Here are the may planes in my hangar i will start with my first and show them as they were added up to my most recent quad. First, A little history of myself, I have flown since 2009 I was a late bloomer. In 2012 I acquired my first multirotor. It had fallen from the sky hitting a friends cousin in the head nothing major done damage wise so I traded my nitro car for it. I tore into it right away and reverse engineered it learned all i could. I then went to work developing a quad that could fly further, out haul heavier loads, and fly 25 mile radius, then I added all the good stuff like follow me mode, full auto pilot a real set it ad forget it. when the quad has completed the stored mission it returns to land within 3 feet of where it launched from. it has panic feature if you let go of the sticks the quad stops and hovers until you take control or flip the switch to return home. Stability mode is so smooth that you can strap a regular video cam to the frame go film, without isolators and end up with perfectly shot video. Lets just say my drones come fully loaded with the best features you could want. In 2013 I founded Stoopidmokey RC LLC. and made my custom drones availale to the public; to date i have sold 10,000 of my origial pro dslr/video platform. In 2017 I rolled out my race series of quads, from pico classes up.

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