Hobbiest on a budget

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https://www.gofundme.com/hobbiest-on-budget&rcid=r01-155196679589-ee7588f680f14c97&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m. Hi I am Anthony and I am 16 I have many projects that I have tried to do but I just run into money problems. I am trying to run my house on lithium batteries from the trash just to save a little money. My friend and I are very interested in making our own pilot manned rc plane so we can fly together. The only problem is cost.we are also wanting to launch a YouTube channel about rc.


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    9000 bucks... A big ask for something potentially dangerous and frankly unrealistic (scrap batteries - there is generally a good reason they are scrapped - they are dead, and a 'mini plane you can fly' in'???). Even more of an issue when you add that you run into money problems with your projects? Do you have a part-time job that would perhaps contribute?

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    I have a job at a auto shop with no where else to really go. And for the batteries I test and charge good cells and I have some already running inverter at 3000w which I got from the trash and rebuilt by replacing the mosfets but its not enough to save a lot yet. For the plane I already know someone who has done it and it costs ab 2000 each so both my friend want them. And last this is the least dangerous stuff I have done in along while.

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    Good luck then.

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