Turnigy SK450 quad - replacement ESCs

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Hi all,

I have major problems with the stability of this drone, even just trying to get it to hover in one place. I have adjusted the PI gains right down to try get rid of the oscillating. I have to dumb down the settings to such an extent the drone is almost unresponsive. It is slightly better in acro mode but not nearly good enough.
I understand the standard kk2 board's auto level is not great but its unflyable like it is.
I see people complaining about the ESCs not being great and affecting the flight characteristics. I would like to replace them but not sure what is best. I'm relatively new to drones so would appreciate any advice on this. It currently has Multistar 20A ESCs.
Should I be looking at a higher amp ESC?
Should it have a BEC?

I hope someone can help...

Many thanks,

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