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Why is Alarm sounding as Telemetry Signal Drops in and out

Lauri WatsonLauri Watson Club Members Posts: 3


Very annoying Alarm constantly sounding as Telemetry Signal Drops in and out.

Actual Receiver Voltage at 6.5 Volts.

Manual says on Page 14 Alarm should sound for, RX: when " Receiver VOLTAGE Drops dangerously Low" and Batt: when VOLTAGE is out of range.

************No Mention of Telemetry Signal activating Alarm. *************

Actual Alarm sounds every time the Telemetry Signal Drops Out then again as it is re established. Very Annoying when Sailing a Boat along the edge of the Telemetry Range.

Fix: Turn OFF Alarm for Telemetry Setting for RX: and Batt:, This is a shame as feature would be good if it worked as described in the manual.


Is Signal Bar Graph in top left of display showing Telemetry Signal , Manual has NIL Information ?

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