Dan KourafasDan Kourafas Club Members Posts: 15

I'm having fun with my TD10-V2 it was a pleasure to build and now upgrade. Does anyone have any suggestions or preference as to the advantage of a one way diff vs. a solid?
If there are any knowledgeable Sakura owners out there can you point me toward a rear ball diff for the TD10?


  • Mr.NiceMr.Nice Club Members Posts: 30

    I would suggest to check out forum. They have a huge thread about Sakura Xi sport (Turnigy TD-V2) and plenty of knowledgeable people there. Some even race actively with their Sakuras Xi sports. They also seem to be very friendly bunch, even tough I personally have not registered yet. I have just been lurking in the shadows, as I normally do.

    IIRC there even was some discussion about ball diffs, but the general consensus seemed to be that the oil filled ones are better, but I don't know. I haven even driven my TD10-V2 yet as the rim's are not painted and the weather is not really permitting anything with so low ground clearance.

    IMHO, the paint came out nice though. Still missing some decals.

  • Dan KourafasDan Kourafas Club Members Posts: 15


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