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Gee Man ShalomGee Man Shalom Club Members Posts: 3

I have a old nikko iron eagal and cant find my tranmitter. Its B band 27.148mgh, with a red removable chip in the battery compartment. My question is what tranmitter can i use to control this antique. Can i program my taranis x9d plus SE to find this freqancey and bring this car back to life?


  • Mr.NiceMr.Nice Club Members Posts: 30

    Sorry to say this, but if you are not exceptionally handy in electronic engineering, you can't.
    You would need to design and build your own 27Mhz transmitter module for your X9D plus SE. This can be done, but it will require some skills, time and money (not probably overly expensive, if you know what you are doing). Easiest and probably the cheapest way would be to buy secondhand Nikko radio or a broken car with radio from ie. ebay.

    You could contact Nikko (if they still exist as a company) and ask them if they still can sell you a spare one.
    The modern RC systems have become far from the 27Mhz days and are no way compatible with the old ones.

  • Gee Man ShalomGee Man Shalom Club Members Posts: 3

    Thanks for the info

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