XRotor Pro 40A ESC

HiFlyer1HiFlyer1 Club Members Posts: 1

**Hello, name is EdK Can some one tell me if the XRotor Pro 40A ESC work on the DJI N3 Controler? Using a DJI Lightbridge 2 Transmitter.
Please email me if you know. [email protected]
Resp ectfully
All I've been reading and studying for a S965 build I'm working on isn't telling me much. I've had a number of DJI projects in the past and no problems that DJI couldn't correct or give good suggestions.
Thanks for Reading. Reason! Two wires on the ESC to N3 white and black and sure black is ground going to the top of the 3 pin connector on the N3 M1, M2, M3, etc.

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