Hobby King DC-3 / C-47 1600 mm

BookyBooky Club Members Posts: 3

I recently received the C-47 model from a friend. I am using Spektrum DX6 and a six channel receiver. I am not sure where to connect the lights. if I connect them with the flaps, the lights are on but the flaps servos start acting erratically. if I connect the lights with the retracts, the lights work but the retracts don't. what do I need to do? (the model comes with an external BEC


  • BookyBooky Club Members Posts: 3

    OK, I got it. I asses another Y harness and connected the lights with the UBEC in the Bind/Data port. everything works fine. By the way, I found that two of the screws that hold one of the landing gears were completely lose...

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