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Free delivery query

Mike ChristophMike Christoph Club Members Posts: 10

Talking about the AU warehouse here....

When I qualify for free delivery, there is only the 1 free option displayed, all the other options are at full price ( and expensive as well )

Why are the other options not discounted by the value of the 'free' option.

I ask because....

1] Being "semi-rural", Australia post do not deliver at all. It is a 20 minute drive to the 'mail distribution centre' to collect a parcel.
2] Mainfreight are a joke. I once had a parcel sitting in Epping for more than 8 days. When I rang them they couldn't have cared less and I ended up having to go to Epping to collect it...not a good look for a $500+ order....
3] Couriers Please are becoming like Auspost used to be when I lived in a suburban attempt to deliver, just drop a card in the mail box and run.
4] Fast(slow) least deliver eventually.

So the short and the long of it is....if I order and the difference between say a free Auspost E-parcel (value 7.95) and fastway @$12 value is $5, then I would choose the $5 option as its faster and cheaper than the 20 minute drive and the mind numbing que to collect the parcel.

You thoughts....
I'll give you a clue...its called customer service, which is what freight on a parcel should be, not the extra money making opportunity it currently appears to be.


  • HobbyKing_CEOHobbyKing_CEO admin Club Members Posts: 128 admin

    We get a special deal from Aupost which doesn't carry over to FastWay which is why we don't discount the FastWay option. The same can be said for MainFreight.

    We're transparent with our shipping costs so if you feel you're not paying the correct amount then contact the courier and see if our prices are inflated. *hint - they aren't a profit centre for us.

    As for Customer Service, we're proud that we've improved markedly in that area and will continue to work on it. In terms of freight on a parcel being called customer service, I believe you're incorrect. We don't drive the trucks that deliver the goods nor do we set the delivery prices. As we don't exercise direct control over these services it's difficult to blame us when they don't work. Obviously we try to partner with reliable couriers but then this becomes a trade-off with cost (as you've already mentioned you don't want to pay more). So the matrix starts to look like the below graph. We aim to be as close to the middle as possible.

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